U9s Lose Out To Strong Kildare Town Side

Caragh Celtic 1

Kildare Town 3

The lads, lined up yet again against their most formidable opponents to date, Kildare town. Caragh had not had a win against this side all season and were hoping to go one better than their loss of 4-2 away last week.

Kildare Town were the first to make the break but it was the defensive combination of Josh Finan and Adam Carberry that came to the rescue with the ball being gathered by keeper, Adam Carberry. Jack Arnold then took one of his legendary frees only to have it swallowed up by the Kildare Town defense. Then Aaron Conway made an impressive run around three players and his shot was just inches wide of the mark. Kildare Town then came back on the attack and Adam Fleming came to the rescue for the home side. Alas, later on it was first goal to Kildare Town wide a strong strike at goal, the Caragh keeper got his hands to, but the shot was too hot to handle and the ball bounced into the net.

Adam Fleming then responded by placing the ball beautifully up the line to present Aaron with another run against the visiting defense with his shot on the left side made the Kildare Town keeper dive to turn it away for a corner.  Adam Fleming then took the corner and rolled the ball nicely down to Jack Arnold and his impressive looping kick went just right and wide of the mark.

Into the second quarter and the Caragh lads began to find their their rhythm, however, despite attack after attack from Caragh it was Kildare that managed to produce the next goal making it 2-0.

All not finished yet for Caragh though as Adam Carberry produced another two great saves. It then looked as though Caragh had scored from the boot of Adam Fleming but the ball ended up in the side netting, a lucky escape there for Kildare Town!  Brian Merrigan then burst on to the scene and managed to get around three Kildare Town players making his presence known with a looping pass to Adam Fleming and this was presented then to Conway but Conway’s shot just went wide.

Luke then made an amazing run up the pitch from the half way line and got through the entire Kildare Town defense and almost produced a goal for Caragh.  Jack O’Neill then came onto the field of play and positioned himself in the number 11 spot and had chance after chance denied. It was a frustrating day for him as he was in the right place at the right time for his entire time on the pitch and he had one amazing run from an absolute beauty of a chip from Adam Fleming, and his shot went to the right and wide but what an amazing play from Caragh there.

Luke then showed his speed by running from the half way line back into defense to try save a certain goal from Kildare but alas it was another goal to make it 3-0 but this did not faze Adam Fleming as he responded well to almost score the first goal of the day for Caragh.  It was not all bad for Caragh though as the great Luke Martin brought the ball from the half way line to get the first and only goal of the day for Caragh. 3-1 the final score.