U9 Majors Vs Bush Celtic

Bush Celtic 3
Caragh Celtic 3

This was the first outing for Caragh for a number of weeks and the boys were full of confidence going into this match having convincingly beating Bush Celtic last time out, would today prove to be another sweet victory for Caragh?

Bush may have had the home advantage this time around but Caragh had the extra man advantage as Bush were only able to summon 6 players for this encounter but as always, the team with the least amount of players always put in that little bit extra to make up for that deficiency.

First Quarter
Bush really came out of the traps here with all guns a blazing and put Caragh under tremendous pressure. Adam Carbery had to put on those rock steady performances in defence to ensure that we did not go down a goal in the first few minutes. Bush soon got their first shot at goal but it sailed left and wide. Caragh then went of the attack with Jack Arnold producing a lovely ball to Luke Martin and this was then passed on to Ben Morrell who blasted a shot that was deflected by the Bush keeper and wide. Then it was the turn of Caragh keeper, Aaron Conway to produce a save to ensure the score stayed at 0-0. Bush then got a free kick from the half way line from which they worked a one on one with the keeper and a right footed shot into the corner sealed the first goal for Bush. The home side were really making all of the chances here at this stage with Caragh guilty of holding back and letting the home side play all of the football here. Adam Fleming then had a nice run up field with the ball from the half way line and Bush had it all to do block this one man attack from scoring a certain goal. Later, Jack Arnold had another chance and kicked the ball, Suarez style but it just went wide, an impressive shot made there from just inside the half way line. Josh Finan made some great tackles in defence.

Second Quarter
This quarter started off with Jack Arnold taking command of the ball and trying to make a chance straight down the middle but Bush again proved to be too strong in defence. Then keeper, Aaron Conway produced a save and kicked the ball up field to meet the boot of a Bush player, the ball was brought just outside the box and bang, Goal! 2-0 to Bush now. Caragh really looking in trouble at this stage. Adam Fleming and Ben Morrell then brought the ball up field from the half way line and Flemings shot at goal was just right and wide. It was Josh Finan then to the rescue to ensure that Bush did not get in for a third goal. Keeper Aaron Conway was then called into action as a he deflected a shot that was struck from just outside the box. Then it was nonstop attack from Bush but in the end the ball had to settle with sailing over the cross bar for a goal kick. Adam Fleming then made another attempt at goal but the number 8 for Bush proved too strong and defended well but the Fleming lad was not finished yet as he again charged up field and off loaded the ball to Luke Martin and Martin’s shot at goal was gallantly saved. Again the Fleming man from Caragh was on the attack only to be stopped at the end by Bush. So, was this to be the end for the Fleming lad from Caragh? NO! having the ball be knocked out for a corner, AF took the corner and produced the ball to Jack Arnold and the Arnold lad kicked the ball into a swirling motion from outside the box for the Bush keeper to barely get a hand to it and then the ball fell back and over the outstretched hand of the keeper to give Caragh their first goal of the day. 2-1 the score now to Bush. Now it was the call of Adam Carbery and Josh Finan to ensure the score stayed at 2-1 to finish out this 2/4.

Third Quarter
Adam Fleming started this quarter with a bang to bring the ball up field and create another corner for Caragh. AF took this corner and aimed to repeat the last goal for Caragh as the ball landed at the awaiting Jack Arnold of whom took a shot only to be denied, ‘My Turn’ said Ben Morrell and he too took a shot and then it was the turn of Aaron Conway, only to be just denied. Bush were lucky not to have conceded a goal there. The break time talk from the manager must have worked as Caragh are looking to be playing like a team for the first time in the match as Jack Arnold managed to get the ball to one Ben Morrell to give him another shot at goal. Then Aaron Conway got the ball just outside the penalty box and managed to weave his way through the Bush defence and then bang, Goal! 2-2 the score now. Another goal chance then from Jack Arnold was denied and then the ball sailed dangerously close for Bush but it was Josh Finan to the rescue once again for Caragh. another goal chance was saved by the Bush keeper as Adam Fleming sailed the ball to awaiting mid fielder, Aaron Conway but the ball was miraculously saved. Later on Jack Arnold managed to get the ball to Aaron Conway and he charged his way into the penalty box only to be fouled just as he was to take a shot at goal. Penalty – Caragh! alas, this was drilled to the left and wide by taker, Aaron Conway and so the score remained at 2-2. The Conway lad got another chance at goal with the help of Jack Arnold but the shot went past the three defenders and right and wide. Adam Fleming and Jack Arnold then both had chances at goal only to have them both denied by the Bush defence. This was not a quarter for keeper, Adam Carbery as the ball never came down field.

Fourth Quarter
Caragh started off again with a bang as JA tried to take on the Bush team only to be dispossessed and the ball then landed nicely to the Bush number 13 for a one on one with the Caragh keeper and only that the Caragh keeprer, Josh Finan managed to dive and get a hand to it, it would have been a sure goal for the home side. However, the number 8 for Bush managed to produce a world class goal as he sailed the ball over the Caragh keeper and right into the net for the home side. 3-2 the score now to Bush. So, was that to be it? A 3-2 loss to the visitors? “NO!” came the answer from Adam Fleming as he took on the Bush defence and managed a shot on target on the Bush keeper. The Bush keeper managed to save the ball but then fumbled it into the back of the net, GOAL for Caragh! 3-3 the score now. Ben Morrell and Luke Martin showed great guts in this quarter to put the home side under pressure with Adam Carbery and Aaron Conway really putting in the tackles and producing efforts that ensured another great performance from Caragh. Again then it was the unlucky number 13 for Bush as he had two goals denied by the ever courageous, Josh Finan. The game then ended with a team effort from Caragh to get the ball up field for a corner only to have this then saved. Final score 3-3.