U9 Majors Share The Spoils With Kynog White

November 9th, 2013 – AWAY to Kynóg

Kynog White 1
Caragh Celtic 1

Kynóg entertained Caragh Celtic, a side that was relishing on the thoughts of getting back to winning ways after their 4-2 defeat to Kildare AFC.

Brian Merrigan was called into action on this day to represent Celtic as their captain. The last time these two sides met was in a preseason friendly where the score ended, 2-2.

Caragh won the toss and got kick off. Adam Carberry got the ball up to Adam Fleming and the ball was crossed bwautifully to Brian Merrigan for an early chance at goal but Kynóg cleared the danger. Later on Brian Merrigan passed the ball up to Adam Fleming who laid it off to Niall Cramer and a chance at goal was again presented but the keeper saved the ball at the expense of a corner to Celtic. Niall Cramer took this corner and he was later in again for another chance at goal but this was again saved. The ball was then in the Celtic side and there was a scramble to get the ball out of defense and this was won by the ever reliable Luke Martin and out to Adam Fleming and then up to Adam Carberry but a free kick was awarded to Kynóg just outside the box. Josh Finan set himself up nicely here in defense and the ball was struck wide of the posts. Celtic were lucky to get away with that one as the ball was only inches wide. The Celtic goal keeper, Jack Arnold placed the ball well up field with his goal kick and this found the boot of Niall Cramer and another goal chance was on the cards for Celtic. Brian Merrigan put Adam Fleming in but again the ball coasted wide. Adam Carberry displayed a great move in midfield with a magnificent back heel to confuse his opponents but later on Kynóg were on the attack and despite the energetic runs from Josh Finan and the defensive skills of Luke Martin, Jack Arnold was forced to make a great save to keep the score at 0-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter started with a corner awarded to Kynóg and this was saved brilliantly by Jack Arnold. His goal kick was cleared down to Luke Martin who got the ball up to Aaron Conway and this was then passed to Niall Cramer and a goal chance was on the cards here for Celtic. The ball was later cleared well by Luke Martin and another chance was presented as Aaron Conway got the ball up to Adam Fleming and all that Kynóg could do was clear the ball for a corner. Niall Cramer then had an opening with a shot on target for what seemed to be a certain goal but Kynóg again managed to scramble the ball away. The Kynóg keeper suffered a knock in all of this and had to be replaced. To show no hard feelings, Kynóg sportingly offered the ball down to the Celtic keeper and Jack Arnold put the ball back in play. Throughout this half, Ben Morrell displayed solid defending skills. Aaron Conway had a chance at goal here, he went around two defenders, turned and shot but this was well saved. Brian Merrigan displayed another great run up the field but this was intercepted and saved. Later on Jack Arnold found himself one on one with a striker and was forced to make an unbelievable save! Soon after Luke Martin did well to get back to defend what looked to be a certain goal and then with the help of Josh Finan the ball landed to Aaron Conway and it looked as though a cross was on but this was intercepted. Kynóg really came on the attack now andit was only for the defensive skills of Josh Finan, Luke Martin and goal keeper Jack Arnold that Kynóg were not at least 2 nil up at this stage. Brian Merrigan made a lovely overhead chip but this was saved. Again it was a one on one with Jack Arnold but God bless the legs of Luke Martin who managed to get back on time and have the ball cleared for a side line ball for Kynóg to keep it scoreless as the half time whislt blew.

The second half started with a cannon ball run from Ben Morrell. He charged up field like a bull brushing past the entire Kynóg team and blasted a shot at the Kynóg keeper and this keeper had to be very brave to get in the way of this determined Morrell man from Caragh! Adam Carbery went on to make an impressive interception that went out on to the side line. After all of this however it was first goal to Kynóg. Ben Morrell did all that he could to save the ball but it was coasted in beautifully by Kynóg. Josh Finan was not going to let this dampen his spirits and he reacted by landing the ball up to Niall Cramer to offer him a goal chance but again the Kynóg defense worked well to keep him out. Again it was a scramble between Niall Cramer and Brian Merrigan to get the ball into the back of the net but Kynóg managed to keep them at bay. Josh Finan worked well with Adam Carbery to get the ball up front and out for a side line. Celtic were really trying hard to get a goal back at this stage. Kynóg came back at Celtic but keeper, Aaron Conway managed to keep the ball out after a scramble on the line. Adam Fleming later on did remarkably well to keep the ball out to force a corner kick. The ball was then delivered to Niall Cramer and he went on the attack with Brian Merrigan and passed the ball magnificently to Adam Fleming for another chance that got away.

The final quarter started with Jack Arnold taking absolute decisive action. Fresh from his last quarter on the bench, he charged down field with the ball and out for a side line ball. Brian Merrigan took the side line ball and passed it to Jack Arnold. It was almost as though Jack said to himself, “enough of this one nil down nonsense!” and he again charged at the Kynóg defense and scored a goal that shocked and rocked the Kynóg defense. One all the score now! At the next kick off it was again the body of Jack Arnold that the Kynóg defenders had to reckon with and again he was in for another goal chance only to be denied by the keeper. However, Kynóg were not going to go away and a save had to be produced by keeper, Aaron Conway to keep the score at 1-1. Later on the ball went out for a corner despite the desperate attempts by Ben Morrell and Adam Carberry in defense. There were some brave tackles in midfield and there will be some sore ankles now in Kynóg after the boots of one Josh Finan, a midfielder this Kynóg team will wish to forget! Adam Carberry intercepted another goal chance and kept the Kynóg team wondering if they would ever cross the Celtic line again. Brian Merrigan worked very well with Jack Arnold in this quarter and together went on the make some great attempts at goal. Jack went on to produce the ball with an amazing turn of pace to Josh Finan and the ball went out for a goal kick. Then came another moment we had all been waiting for, Ben Morrell nabbed the ball from the feet of the Kynóg strikers and raced up field to meet up with feet of Luke Martin, Luke got the ball into the box and the ball was just barely placed over head and right and wide! Gosh! A great chance at goal there for Celtic! Jack Arnold then managed to intercept the ball and turned defense into attack but his shot went wide, final score, 1-1.

Overall, a great and rewarding day for both teams with a draw the fairest result of the day.

Final score, Kynóg 1 Caragh Celtic 1