U9 Majors Final Quarter Comeback To Win Against Villa

November 9th, 2013 – AWAY to Castle Villa, Castledermot

1st Quarter
Castle Villa really imposed themselves on Caragh Celtic in this quarter. Caragh were not used to playing on astro turf and were having to come to terms with a very strong Villa side that knew their way around the pitch. Villa scored within the first minute of the match. The defending skills of Adam Carberry were brought into action immediately after this first goal as the home team were really pouncing on Caragh at this stage. Keeper Brian Merrigan was called into action for the second time, and the first goal didn’t seem to faze him much, as he pulled off a great save to keep the score at 1-0. Villa kept on piling forward though and extended their lead when after a scramble in the Caragh goalmouth the Villa boys managed to finish it to make the score 2-0 to the home team, Caragh were in real trouble at this stage. Caragh really needed to raise their game if they were going to get out of this with some sort of respectability. The first chance that came Caragh’s way though got them back into the game – Aaron Conway took possession in midfield and burst right through the Villa defence and finished well to make it 2-1. Game on now! Niall Cramer put in a lot of brave tackles and Ben Morrell captained the team brilliantly by standing up to this Villa side at every chance. From the next kick off one would expect an immediate response from Villa, but not so as the brave Adam Fleming grabbed the ball and charged like a lion against his stunned opponents scored to make it 2-2. This was going to remain the case as Josh Finan put his body on the line and prevented another goal chance to the home team. Brian Merrgian settled the game nicely by gathering the ball as the first quarter drew to a close with honours even.

2nd quarter
Villa came straight back on the attack with a goal chance but this was tidied up by Brian in goal. Jack Arnold came on for this quarter and showed his footballing skills to the home side in midfield and laid the ball on beautifully for Adam Fleming but the ball just coasted to the side for a goal kick. Luke Martin put his body on the line here to stop another Villa attack and then got straight back up and prevented another goal chance to put the ball out for a corner. Villa were unlucky not to score from here as the ball just clipped the posts. Later on a phenomenal save was made by Brian in the CAragh goals when he dived for the ball and gathered it up to ensure Villa were kept out again. Brian then showed his bravery as a keeper when he took a shot to the face from close range giving him a nasty knock. The play was suspended to tend to his injury but Brian saw out the rest of the quarter in impressive fashion. Aaron Conway did well in midfield and Adam Carberry stood in the path of any would be strikers from the home side. Villa then went back into the lead though with a beautifully executed chip that even despite Brians best efforts, as he he threw himself full length , the ball remained just out of his reach and it landed in the back of the net to make it 3-2 to Villa. Luke Martin again got in the way a couple more times to ensure that the score STAYED at 3-2 to this impressive home side team.

3rd quarter
Villa started this quarter as they had finished the last one by putting keeper Jack Arnold under pressure to save for a corner kick. Adam Carberry later on went to take a free kick and despite being injured later on, Niall Cramer went on to play a great game! Luke Martin put in some great tackles in this quarter. Then despite the desperate attempts by Ben Morrell to keep the ball out of the Caragh area Villa got through for a one on one against keeper Jack Arnold and they finished to make it 4-2. It looked like it was all over for Caragh now as they stared into the jaws of defeat. Was this to be Kildare AFC revisited again? Let’s hope not! Adam Carberry and Josh Finan showed they had little care for their wellbeing as they put in tackle after tackle in midfield, they must have been watching re-runs of Roy Keane of past.

4th Quarter
Trailing 4-2 at this stage, Caragh were really going to have to produce something special to get out of this one with at least a draw. Brian Merrigan was the first to spring into action with a side line kick and this was met by the boot of Jack Arnold to be on for a chance at goal only for the ball to fly just the wrong side of the post. Caragh looked the fitter side now though as they really finished the game the stronger in this final quarter. Jack Arnold started the comeback when, with some magic from the sideline he sailed the ball in over the Villa keeper to make it 4-3. Then the magic continued for Jack when God only knows how he managed it but he met the ball with the sweetest of volleys and the ball flew high and over the heads of the Villa defenders and most importantly that of their keeper and into the net to level the match. Both teams were going for the win now and Caragh keeper Aaron Conway was called into to action to keep it level – but the wind was out of the sails of this home side now as the attempt at goal was meagre and all the keeper had to do was pick up the ball and this he did and presented it to land at the feet of Brian Merrigan and the Jack Arnold style chip was employed by Brian Merrigan but the keeper was on to this one and out for a corner. However, the Jack Arnold style chip was later taken on by the ever impressive Ben Morrell and God only knows how he did it but he managed to chip the ball from a scramble to have it soar over the heads of the keeper and GOAALLLL!!!!

This sealed a well-earned victory for Caragh. Villa must be asking themselves how did it go from a 4-2 lead to a 5-4 defeat – but this Caragh team showed a great never say die attitude and with team confidence and depth they would defy any team in the league at this stage, a magnificent and proud victory for Caragh today!
Final score, Castle Villa 4 Caragh Celtic 5