U9 Major Vs Prosperous Utd

Prosperous Utd 4
Caragh Celtic 1

This fixture saw the first time that Caragh faced Prosperous Utd in a competitive fixture in this age group.

1st Quarter
Adam Carberry was first out of the gates for Caragh with some decisive defending and Captain Aaron Conway made a lovely run up the right hand side of the pitch for first goal chance for Caragh but denied in the end. Things were looking ok for Caragh but the players were holding off against Prosperous team and letting them have the ball too easily and this presented Prosperous with a lot of goal chances and runs at Caragh. Conor Cassidy was brought into the match early on at this stage having to produce some world class saves to keep Caragh in it. However, the continuous pressure that was mounted by Prosperous paid off with a goal with unlucky defending from Caragh. this was followed by a penalty to Prosperous and this was put away into the bottom right hand corner of the net – 2-0 now the score. Then it was the courageous efforts of Niall Cramer who put his body on the line to stop another goal being scored by Prosperous. Josh Finan the got in on the act and kept the Prosperous boys at bay with some courageous tackles! Ben Morrell and Luke Martin passed the ball well during this quarter.

2nd quarter
Prosperous really dominated this quarter however Jack O’Neill did manage to make a lovely run up the right hand side of the pitch but unfortunately there was no one there to meet his cross, a wasted opportunity for Caragh at this stage. Adam Carberry, Luke Martin, Niall Cramer and Aaron Conway all made some good passes during this quarter. Josh Finan then picked up a bang to his ear as he bravely stopped a certain goal for Prosperous and play had to be stopped for a few minutes to allow him get back ready for the game. He got straight back into the match and stopped a few more attempts at goal later on. Conor Cassidy, the Caragh keeper was busy for the quarter and was called upon on numerous occasions and managed to keep the score line at 2-0 to Prosperous.

3rd quarter
Prosperous again came at Caragh and keeper Aaron Conway did well to make a few brave saves to keep the home side at bay. This quarter saw Ben Morrell get a great shot at goal just deflected by the Prosperous keeper and out for a corner. The ball was then brought up field by Prosperous and they would have been in for a goal only that Jack O’Neill and Luke Martin managed to get back on time to defend the ball for Caragh. however despite the brave efforts by Caragh,Prosperous managed to score again by getting the ball over the fingertips of the keeper and straight in for another goal, 3-0 now to Prosperous. Conor Cassidy made some good runs from the back and Josh Finan did his usual brave act in defence with Adam Carberry digging into the home side to get the ball up field.

4th Quarter
Prosperous were again on the attack to try to put this game out of reach and the Caragh keeper had to make a few decent saves to keep the score at 3-0 at this stage. Niall Cramer was then presented with a good attempt at goal but unfortunately his usual goal scoring ways did not happen for him here. Adam Cabery did well in defence and managed to keep the Prosperous offense at bay and Conor Cassidy produced a lovely defensive move to keep the home team out. Jack O’Neill later on had great chance at goal, he got around the home side defence almost on his own with Niall Cramer on his wing and then the shot at goal missed its target. Then it was a 1,2,3,4 man attack on keeper Aaron Conway and as to how he kept the ball out only the Gods of football will ever know as they seem to be shining on Caragh now. Whatever the Caragh management team said to Caragh at the break it must have been something good as for really the first time in the match Caragh have actually played like they are awake….. they were more or less asleep up to now! Both Ben Morrell and Luke Martin displayed efforts that showed that this team was not finished yet. Alas! Despite all of this it was Prosperous that got the goal, 4-0 it was to the home side and this afforded Caragh the opportunity to put on an extra man as they were 4-0 down and we saw the re-emergence of defender, Josh Finan who spent a noisy ten minutes on the side line cheering on his team. This makes it 8 men for Caragh and 7 for Prosperous. However, what we had been waiting for all through the match was that Niall Cramer goal scoring magic and it came at last through a great team effort fielding the ball up to him and BANG! Goal for Caragh! The score line now standing at 4-1 to Prosperous and that was how it stayed despite Niall having a few more attempts at goal.

Overall another disappointing day for Caragh with Prosperous being the dominant team in terms of physicality and depth. Caragh will really need to step up a mark now to get back to winning ways, they will have something to think about and work on during the Christmas break.

Final score, Prosperous FC 4, Caragh Celtic 1