U10s Get The Better Of Naas

Caragh Celtic Under 10 Majors v Naas Under 10 Majors September 13th 2014

This was the first competitive match of the season for us and it was a home match for this side playing for the first time on the newly developed Parish Field.

The match started off with the visiting Naas side really going into over drive having three shots on target but keeper Adam Carbery made a phenomenal save in goals and later on as a defender worked his usual magic. Defender Adam Fleming made sure that these early chances from Naas were not converted. Ben for Caragh answered this onslaught with a chance of his own, striking at the Naas keeper twice but not managing to convert at this early stage. A top right hand strike by Shane was denied by the Naas keeper with Niall making some fantastic solo runs down the side lines to supply the ball to his awaiting team mates creating a great chance of his own only to see the ball snail past the left hand post and wide.

A Naas defenders face then felt the strike from midfielder Aaron to deny a certain goal with Shane taking a chance at an open goal only to have the ball coast left and wide. The introduction of Luke showed to be a great thing for home side and he made chance after chance for his team. Jack played a great game for his side and got a goal of his own and made a solo run from the half way line only to have his shot go just left and wide.

The first goal for the game came from Aaron as he managed to sneak around three Naas defenders and lash the ball in for a goal. This was swiftly followed by Shane who got the ball around the keeper and managed to have the ball trail its way in for a second goal. Niall then supplied a beautiful wrong footer to Ben but the chance was not converted leaving the score at 2-0. Jacob then had a chance of his own to score on his debut having had the ball supplied by Luke  from a run from the half way line but the Naas defence was too strong. A great strike from the boot of Brian from outside the box made it 3-0.

It’s well worth noting that the Merrigan lad played a stormer in both defence and midfield, supplying the ball to his team mates at crucial times of the match.

Next came number 4 from the boot of Luke as he skilfully got around the Naas defence and stopped, controlled the ball and then blasted it into the bottom left hand corner, 4-0 now the score which meant the introduction of another player for the Naas side. Jack then got his well-deserved goal to make the score line now 5-0. The O’Neill lad had had many a chance denied up until then.

After the 5-0 score line to Caragh it was the turn of Naas to get going and this they did to produce two great goals of their own. Having said that, they had produced many a chance in the fourth quarter and were unlucky not to have had more scores on the board as keeper Shane kept them out on a few occasions. The last bits of play of the match saw Jack make a great  solo run only to have his effort go wide and then defender Adam Fleming saved a certain goal for Naas with a magnificent tackle showing why good defence is crucial in matches!

The last kick of the match found Jacob having a chance to score on his debut but the connection made just missed the target.

The lads really played well as a team today with defenders only leaving their lines when there was a certain goal chance on and everyone putting their bodies on the line when it mattered. Goal chances were taken by the team and they were celebrated as team efforts.

Caragh Celtic: Adam Carbery, Adam Fleming, Aaron Conway, Niall Cramer, Ben Morrell, Jack O’Neill, Luke Martin, Brian Merrigan, Shane Malone, Jacob Tuohy