U10 Majors Too Strong For Suncroft

The sun shone on Caragh Celtic’s under 10 Majors against Suncroft.

Team: Aaron Conway, Adam Carberry Adam Fleming, Ben Morrell, Brian Merrigan, Jack ONeill, Josh Finnan, Luke Martin, Niall Cramer, Shane Malone

The game started fast with Caragh taking an immediate chance on goal by Brian which resulted in a corner kick taken well by Brian M.  Aaron had a good run on the ball which resulted in another corner kick by Adam Fleming which just missed the goals by Adam Carberry.  

This style of play continued with the same set play resulting in a goal this time for Adam Carberry – his first ever goal for the team.  This was swiftly followed by another attempt on goal by Brian that went wide.  

Caraghs forwards kept the ball in Suncroft’s half with attempt after attempt on goal by our forwards Luke, Aaron and Adam C.  Our keeper Jack ONeill had nothing to do in the first quarter.

Our players were unaffected by the change in pitch due to the invasion of a Gaelic female match!

Brian’s great efforts materialised a goal for him after a strong takedown by one of Suncroft’s defenders which was swiftly followed by a beautiful goal by Aaron which the keeper had no chance of saving.  
Two more chances by Luke and Aaron went wide and off the post.  Ben moved forward in this quarter resulting in two very good attempts on goal.  Josh was defending well and was practically running the ball through three Suncroft players, he wasn’t afraid of stealing the ball away repeatedly from Suncrofts strong female player!!  

Brian had another shot on goal that went wide followed by another attempt by Luke.  Suncroft had one attempt on goal which was saved well by Aaron.

The ball was carried well forward by Shane which was skillfully crossed to Niall who smoothly flicked it to Luke  which he finished to the net.  Niall had two chances on goal that went wide. Jack attempted a shot on goal from another brilliant corner taken by Adam Fleming who himself followed with his own shot on goal that was saved.  

Jack pulled off a bicycle kick which was picked up by Shane and ended up in the back of the net for a fantastic goal by Shane.  The ball was then worked well by Josh and Jack in midfield with Jack passing a lovely ball to Niall who scored a fantastic goal.
Jack then carried the ball upfield for his own attempt which sat on the goal line but was quickly followed up by Niall resulting in another for Caragh.

Ben worked hard to chase the ball taking out a Suncroft player and passed to Jack whose attempt on goal was too high.  Niall finished the match in style with a lovely shot on goal resulting in his first hat trick – first of many no doubt!!!