U10 Majors Sunk By Villa

Caragh Celtic Under10 Majors V Castlevilla
November 8th 2014

This was a wet, cold and blustery day to hold this home fixture for CC against Castlevilla. The first quarter of the match saw three goals netted for the travelling side and the start of the next quarter saw another being scored for the away side so that meant that CC got an extra player onto the pitch. It was with this extra player that CC began to rise in stature.

Adam Fleming produced some amazing, (and have now become the standard mark for him), corner kicks that almost found the mark each time with the keeper having to be at full stretch to keep the ball at bay. He also had a shot at goal that was denied and another up field play that did not get the connection from a well-placed pass. Josh Finan played like a dog with a bone in defence and on one occasion he got CC a free kick as the opposing player had to literally shove him to one side to get a handle on his attack run.

Adam Carbery was his usual incredible self in defence and kept the travelling side at bay quite a number of times with Luke Martin producing pass after pass to keep the visiting side guessing. Brian Merrigan was like a tiger let out of a cage as he got onto the pitch and charged up and down the field and put in the passes to set up some nice runs. Aaron Conway had great runs of play and on one occasion crossed the ball in nicely to set CC up with a good chance and proved to be that solid extra man when CC were 4-0 down.

Shane Malone had a great game and battled the dreadful conditions well and clashed with the opposing side at each time. Jack O’Neill had a great game and was very unlucky not to have scored just at the end of the match with Jacob shaping up well in midfield and quite unlucky not to score too with the keeper just being in the right place at the right time.

The only goal of the game for CC came from the boot of Niall Cramer of whom had had a game of challenging the travelling side at each time. Ben Morell had another great game and made more than one chance for his team. However, the conditions hampered play sufficiently to have the game called off and what a pity it was too as CC really did look as though they were getting a foot hold on the match.

Having said that, there was no doubt that Castlevilla were the team of the day and the scoreboard showed this.

Caragh Celtic: Adam Carbery, Adam Fleming, Aaron Conway, Josh Finan, Ben Morrell, Jack O’Neill, Luke Martin, Shane Malone, Jacob

Final Score: Caragh Celtic 1 Castlevilla 4