Tough Day In Allenwood For U9 Majors

Allenwood Celtic 5
Caragh Celtic 1

This fixture saw the return to Allenwood FC for the Celtic boys and the last time these two outfits met ended in a nail biting end for Caragh as the full time whistle could not have come fast enough. Caragh got out that time with a win under their belts, would today show the same kind of drama?
The drama certainly did begin with Allenwood saying that they had to field a team of 16 boys meaning it would have to be an 8 man a side affair, this meant that it was all hands on deck with no substitutes for Caragh.

1st Quarter
Allenwood started the game meaning business and immediately put Caragh under pressure. Josh Finan was brought into action to clear the ball safely from the Caragh side. Aaron Conway produced a timely run up the side but received a hardy knock for his efforts and play had to be stopped to allow him recuperate. Adam Fleming did well to get the ball into the Allenwood defence for another goal chance but the ball was deflected for a goal kick. Jack Arnold rallied the troops well and produced some lovely crosses in this quarter. Adam Carberry set up a few goal chances for Caragh from midfield and keeper Brian Merrigan produced a brave save to stop the first goal attempt from Allenwood. Niall Cramer showed his heart of a lion status running for every ball possible and Ben Morrell worked hard in defence to keep this home side at bay. AdamF then got the ball to AdamC for a goal chance but this was strongly defended and the ball was kept out. Caragh had not settled into this match as of yet and maybe it was the 8 man line out that had them somewhat disarrayed at this early stage. The quarter ended with a good team effort from Caragh with Aaron Conway getting the ball to Niall Cramer and this was passed to Adam Fleming and then up to Adam Carberry but the Allenwood defence again managed to stay strong.

2nd quarter
Brian Merrigan was again brought into action here to pull off a great save and indeed Caragh were beginning to shape up in this 2nd quarter. Aaron Conway made a nice run up the line passing by two players but was unable to make the cross in for a goal. Side line ball then to Allenwood and the ball coasted by three Caragh players and then shot into goal for Allenwood leaving the keeper with no chance, 1-0 Allenwood. This was then followed by another goal for Allenwood from tip-off, 2-0 Allenwood now and Caragh already under pressure! Again the bells of doom struck for Caragh as another goal was scored for Allenwood. Josh Finan did his level best to keep the ball at bay but the strikers were too strong and determined and a lovely over head chip from Allenwood saw the ball coast into the corner to make it now 3-0 to Allenwood. Jack Arnold then had to scramble back on time to stop another strong attack from Allenwood but alas later on it was another goal for Allenwood! 4-0 now the score and the match well and truly over for Caragh at this early stage. The ball was chipped beautifully from just inside the box and over the outstretched finger tips of keeper Brian Merrigan and in for that fatal goal. However, the Caragh keeper was not giving up hope and produced a magnificent save to give Caragh a ray of hope and again he put his body on the line to save another certain goal. Ben Morrell did his level best in defence against this tough and attacking home side with Adam Fleming and Adam Carberry trying their level best to get and make whatever goal chance came their way with Niall Cramer getting stuck in to this Allenwood side at every opportunity.

3rd quarter
AdamC then came into action with a death defying defensive move to keep out Allenwood with Niall Cramer now with the ball passing it to Jack and he produced another of his world class cross field chips and this almost found the goal but was just inches wide and out for a goal kick. The talk at half time really stood up for Caragh as they came out of the stalls really fighting to get this game back under control. Allenwood then handled the ball inside their own box and a penalty was awarded to Caragh – this was decisively taken by Jack and bang! Goal for Caragh! the score line was now 4-1 to Allenwood with Caragh showing that they were not finished yet! Jack celebrated by gliding into the corner flag on his knees with the ever courageous Josh Finan sliding in behind him – they are going to have to copyright this goal celebration for sure! So now that was it, game on! Every team member for Caragh really got into the match. Niall Cramer showed great guts by getting the ball up field from the half way line and continued to show great determination and then it was the turn of Ben Morrell to have a shot at goal with a one on one chance against the keeper but again Allenwood proved too strong. Brian Merrigan put on his usual energetic stance and upped the tempo of the match. Adam Fleming settled in well in defence with his usual style of turning defence into attack at every opportunity. This 3rd quarter ended with a kick out from keeper Aaron Conway of whom did not have much to do in this quarter thanks to the valiant efforts of this rejuvenated Caragh side.

4th Quarter
Caragh really had to do something here to get out of this with some sort of pride. Adam Carberry produced a lovely defensive up field kick and this was replicated by Adam Fleming. Caragh were really trying hard to keep this advancing Allenwood side at bay. It must be said that Adam Carberry really found his home in defence in this quarter by continually keeping the ball up field. Jack Arnold showed to be a safe pair of hands in goal and Brian Merrigan really rallied hard on the pitch to keep moving the ball forward at all times. Josh Finan put his body on the line on more than a number of occasions and later on this was followed by Brian Merrigan picking up a nasty knock and play had to be suspended in lieu of this. Niall Cramer played out of his skin for this quarter and never gave up hope but the attacks from Allenwood were hard and brave and this produced another goal for Allenwood to shatter any hopes of a winning come back for Caragh. however, in true passion for both home and the game Caragh came back at Allenwood and almost turned this into another goal for the visiting side. Josh Finan again put his body on the line for his team in this final quarter showing great bravery. There was a good kick out from Jack and this went to Brian Merrigan and then on to Aaron Conway and then to Ben Morrell but alas it went out for a corner kick. The corner was taken and it was really a case of which Caragh striker would score but alas the ball did not make it into the back of the net. Another goal chance was presented to Aaron from Brian Merrigan but again the Allenwood defence were too strong on this occasion.

Overall a disappointing day for Caragh with Allenwood being the dominant team in terms of physicality and dept.
Final score, Allenwood FC 5, Caragh Celtic 1