Code Of Conduct For Players

Code of Conduct for Players

1. Always show respect for team mates , managers/coaches, opponents and officials

2. Always turn up on time for matches and training.

3. Always play to win but accept defeat like proper sportsmen.

4. Always have commitment to your club and pride in your performance

5. Ensure that your lifestyle helps rather than hinders your performance.

6. Arrive for training and matches with the proper gear and boots – drink, shin guards, rain jacket and the correct colour socks and shorts.

7. Listen to advice given and ask questions if you don’t understand.

8. Help out with equipment before and after matches and training.

9. Let the manager know as soon as possible if you are injured or sick.

10. Bullying will not be tolerated and if you feel you are being bullied feel safe to tell the manager.

11. Enjoy playing and training with Caragh Celtic FC.