Caragh Celtic v Naas AFC – September 27th 2014 Under Tens

The match really started with a bang for Caragh. Luke Martin was the first to pounce with a goal chance but it was Adam Fleming who was the first to open the account with a goal having the ball supplied by Jack O’Neill, leaving the keeper with no chance!

The Fleming – Martin partnership worked well this day with chance upon chance being made keeping the Naas keeper very busy indeed. A Luke Martin shot at goal was denied by the keeper only to be blasted in by the Fleming prodigal!

Ben Morrell then provided the assist for the third goal for Caragh from the boot of Luke Martin. Luke then aided the fourth goal for us as he acted as a distraction for a well taken shot by Adam Fleming, his first hat trick of the season and we hope to see more of this throughout the years ahead!

Naas now brought on an extra man as they were now 4-0 down. Naas then made some attacks to test keeper, Aaron Conway. Jack O’Neill made some great individual runs down the side lines to produce the ball for some goal scoring opportunities. 5-0 should now have been the score as a great Ben Morrell goal was disallowed as the ref did not spot that his shot had gone over the line. So the score was still, 4-0 at this stage.

Keeper Adam Carbery was then brought into action as Naas went on the attack. However the Naas attack proved to be a success later on and now the score was 4-1. Josh Finan was his usual bullish self, bull dozing through players as though they were skittles and on one occasion laid the ball on for another Luke Martin attack.

Strike, Aaron Conway then managed to get on the score sheet to wrong foot both defender and keeper for Naas.  Naas then attacked again but their shot bounced off the cross bar.

After taken an injury, Josh Finan got back up again and supplied the ball up field and it was goal again for us from the boot of Aaron Conway to make his tally now at 2. Niall Cramer really worked hard during this match and made chance after chance for his team. Another chance at goal for the Conway lad was denied by the brave Naas keeper and he went on to make another attempt at goal with keeper Adam Carbery making another great save.

Shane Malone then went on to make another three in a row attempts at goal to see all denied but then the next chance at goal was successful from the boot of Jack O’Neill as he banged the ball into the top corner. Naas then got a goal back to make it 6-2 and then Niall Cramer, despite having been fouled, bravely got to his feet to go on to make another brave chance at goal for CC. The next goal for us came from the great work of Jacob up to Aaron Conway to lay him on with acres of space to have a one on one chance against the keeper and his shot found the target again to give him his first hat trick of his career.

Adam Carbery then had a Messi moment to get around a host of players but his shot on target was denied. Overall it was a great day for CC.


Final Score – Caragh Celtic 8 Naas United 4

CC Team – Aaron Conway, Adam Carbery, Niall Cramer, Ben Morrell, Adam Fleming, Josh Finan, Luke Martin, Jack O’Neill,