Caragh Celtic Under10 Majors V Moone November 29th 2014

The team travelled without manager Bill Carbery today and without the help of Adam Carbery and Niall Cramer so there was a team of nine ready for this encounter.

 The game started off with a disappointing goal conceded but then a well taken corner from Adam Fleming surprised the opposition to make the score 1-1. Then it was the turn of midfielder Josh Finan to produce a shocker of a goal for CC to make it now 2-1! CC were well in control at this stage and then went further ahead with another goal from the boot of Adam Fleming to make the score now 3-1. The game looked to have been all over now but Moone were not to be written off here as they came back quite suddenly to make the score now 3-2 and then it was 3-3 and later on disappointingly 4-3 against CC. However, CC were quite unlucky not to have produced a gaol of their own at the end of the match but it was Moone’s day and they well deserved the win. It was difficult for some players that were picked to play in defence to stay in defence and CC were left open on more than one occasion to make the goals for Moone an easy affair but when the defensive line stayed strong, CC remained safe!

Adam Fleming and Luke worked tirelessly on the wings with Aaron, Brian and Jacob showing safe pairs of hands in goals producing some great kick outs and some nerve ending saves. Josh worked tirelessly on the ball as Jack put in tackle after tackle and laid off the ball well on more than one occasion. Shane gave this Moone side a difficult time of it with Brian really showing leadership in defence. Jacob put up an immensely brave display in defence and pressed this Moone side hard with some breath taking tackles with Aaron trying to find a creak in the Moone defense.

Overall a frustrating day for CC to lose a 3-1 lead but this can always be rectified for the future.

CC line up: Adam Fleming, Aaron Conway, Josh Finan, Ben Morrell, Jack O’Neill, Luke Martin, Shane Malone, Jacob Tuohy, Brian Merrigan

 Final Score: Moone 4 Caragh Celtic 3