Caragh Celtic Under10 Majors v Kill Celtic February 28th 201511

Newly promoted Caragh Celtic got back to winning ways against a real formidable side from Kill. It took a while for the first goal to come Caragh’s way and this it did from the boot of Adam Fleming. This set up the rhythm as Jack O’Neill, Aaron Conway and Adam Carbery all scored spectacularly for their club.  Astonishing performances from both Jacob and Ben to show how this team has progressed with Josh making run and tackle one after the other. Aaron Conway showed his keeping skills for the first two quarters and made a good few chances at goal in the third and fourth quarters. Jack O’Neill pressed and pressed for his side with Adam Fleming producing magic after magic. When in both defense and mid field, Adam Carbery ran the pitch like a panther and got back many a time to save CC from certain goals.  Brian Merrigan kept Kill Celtic out for the first two quarters and later proved to be a safe proved to a very safe pair of hands in goals and made save after save as Kill Celtic really upped the anti in the fourth quarter but only conceding one goal, the final score ended up, CC 4 Kill Celtic 1.

CC line up: Adam Carbery, Adam Fleming, Aaron Conway, Josh Finan, Ben Morrell, Jack O’Neill, Jacob Tuohy, Brian Merrigan

Final Score: Caragh Celtic 4 Kill Celtic 1